Epoca bikes

The dawn of a new era, 60 years in the making.

Introducing Epoca - Each of our frames is unique, individually hand made and hand painted in our own factory in the cycling heartland of Veneto, Italia.

Start your journey to owning your own tailored performance bike. This is your time. Like no other time. Epoca.

Epoca bikes introducing Rseries
R30 series
R50 series
R60 series
  • Just. So. Fast.

    The R60 lives up to the hype, the 5 star reviews and glowing press. All the superlatives in the dictionary won't really do justice to what it is like to ride this bike. Having raced most of the...
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  • Epoca R30

    Hi Ali,  as promised some feedback on my R30 now that I've had some time to try it out. Photo of the bike at the top of Passo Giau also attached! Thanks so much and all the best, Sonya ...
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  • Mike Starko RS99

    It started harmlessly enough as I was on yet another long flight across Canada, reading one of the many cycling magazines I tend to horde for those endless hours in the sky. I was reading a quick o...
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  • Ed's SP148

    Over recent months I have been following very impressive articles about EPOCA bikes as well as seeing increased examples of their framesets. With my many decades of cycling experience I have always...
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  • Phil Renshaw R50

    Good morning Ali from beautiful Perth, Western Australia I promised a report on the R50 and will do a better review in the next week or so. I have just returned from a 4 day, 700 km Charity bike...
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