Epoca bikes

Epoca was established in 1952 as La Ver. Mec. (La Vernicie Meccanica) in the heart of the Veneto region of Italy, close to the iconic Monte Grappa.

Epoca’s frames and bicycles are;
  • 100% Made in Italy in our own factory
  • 100% Made to measure
  • 100% Custom rider specific geometry
  • 100% Custom graphics and paint design
  • 100% Individually adapted to its owner’s requirements
  • With Custom and unique tube designs
  • Limited and exclusive production


Epoca is the new brand name from La Ver Mec for the modern era, born from historical roots. A new range of custom handmade bikes from one of the most experienced frame builders in the world of cycling.
Since 1952
Still very much a family business, we have been building high-end competition frames and bikes for some of the most famous bike brands in the world. La Ver Mec frames have won all the grand tours, world championships and most of the 'Classics' but up until now, very few people knew this!
Our Factory
All our products are exclusively made in our own factory. It's because of this fact that we have an "open door" policy – there is nothing to hide, no false claims, or hazy marketing claims.
New Epoca

The new 2016 range of Epoca bikes is an expression of our combined passion and expertise, with no external commercial barriers to hold us back, our goal was simple. To make the very best bikes in the world.

At Epoca when we say custom, we do not mean the colour of your top tube and bar tape.
With Epoca's Sognare factory experience you too can come and see where your next bike will be made, how it will be made and who will make it!

From frame assembly to final paint finish, come and meet our skilled and experienced staff who will strive to make your bike perfect.

We pay extreme attention to detail and take pride in a superb customer service, no matter where in the world our customers are.

This is the basis of what makes Epoca truly unique.

1950s to 2000s

Founded in 1952 when Mario Bittante and his brother opened their frame workshop. Building steel racing frames for many Italian and European brands, using traditional cast lugs and steel tubes, all with brazed construction techniques.
The 1980's saw the introduction of the first modern steel tubes and 'lugless' TIG welding construction.
The modern era of cycling starts. 1993 sees the first aluminium frames being made, bringing new lightweight performance! The factories production really expands working for more than 10 of the worlds leading bike brands.
The new millennium starts with the commercial use of the new wonder material – carbon. We make the first alloy frames with carbon rear triangles, followed soon after by our first full carbon frames.

Present Day


Epoca have been building frames in carbon fibre since its introduction as a viable frame material, we have amassed an unrivalled knowledge and experience in its use.

Epoca has been a long standing reference point for many professional teams and riders, our skill at making bespoke, made to measure frames to meet the demands of the pro peloton is quite legendary. Over the years our frames have won most of the “classics” and all the key national tours, often branded as “prototypes” by other brands.

Epoca has been the pioneering force in developing the modern technique of building carbon frames, in custom design and geometry with our “face-to-face, hand wrapped” construction method. As masters of this “Art” we can continue the tradition of making frames to our customers exacting needs.

Today our current range of carbon bikes features some of the most sophisticated and technical tubes, added to our vast experience in frame building the result is one of the world's finest range of frames.