Cycling Weekly Test R60

Cycling Weekly have just tested our R60! They gave top marks to our flagship frameset, 10/10! The perfect carbon frameset?

We have worked hard for many decades to make such an amazing bike, we knew from the first test ride the R60 was something really special, the first customers kept giving us glowing reviews, blown away by the R60’s mix of amazing performance, razor sharp handling and all day comfort. However, it is always great to get the same feedback from a professional journalist and bike tester, to have a true product test like this, free of any commercial "strings attached" it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

You can download a copy of the bike test using the link on the right of the page [PDF]

Cycle Sport also did a feature on the same bike before it was tested.

But then do not take our word for it!  Test ride a R60 yourself, come and see what cycling is really all about.