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Bryn's new R60!

Bryn Olexy 14/11/2014

ALI!! Oh my God! Just been out riding or should I say flying with my bike. It is a machine that demands your full attention. So many riders looked at it when I had a coffee. It's wonderful. Love it. Adore it. The Legend, this is Ohhh much better, It's a different feeling. This bike makes you wanna go faster. Legend was a lovely bike, but just felt a bit like riding a boring bike if that makes sense!

UPDATE March 2015. Just thought I would be in touch, as I have had the time to do some miles on the Epoca so far, in various weather conditions and on various terrain. It's a magical cycle.I've always read these cycle reviews in the magazines in which the reviewer states something along the lines of: "this bike demands to be ridden fast"...", "this bike urges you to go faster", etc.

I never really understood what this meant. I thought it hyperbole and exaggeration. But on the Epoca, I get exactly that sensation - wanting to pedal faster and just feeling the urge to ride fast, as it gets more enjoyable.The ride quality is magical - riding a magic carpet. I just never imagined that "aero" could be this comfortable or this light. BB power transmission is superb. The front end is super stiff and responsive. And there is Zero road chatter.Like I said, it makes me want to ride this cycle exclusively and retire all the others. Thanks, Ali.

Bryn's new R60!

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