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Chris Brookhouse's R60

Chris Brookhouse 15/04/2016

I am very fortunate to have 2 great road bikes - a Viner Maxima RS and a EPOCA R60. I use the Viner as my winter bike but with the same setup as the Epoca. I have had the Epoca for one year since Peter convinced me it would even be a step up from the Viner.

Well today I took the Epoca out for the first time (the UK roads were dry enough to not make the Epoca too dirty!). I had forgotten how it feels - it always seems to have an extra gear than the Viner - stiff but very comfortable. When you press on the pedals it just goes.

I have a regular 50k route and just back - strava suggests an extra 10W power and 1.5 kmh difference and I wasn't really trying! I just love the bike and of course it looks great too - especially with those red Rotor rings.

Chris Brookhouse's R60

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Chris Brookhouse's R60

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