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Bryn's new R60 follow up

Bryn Olexy 08/05/2015

Ali, Update on the Epoca after a few months use. What a tremendous disappointment - you have manage to render all of my other high-end cycles obsolete! Wow...wow...wow. Just back from my standard 50 mile training loop on the Epoca for the first time. At the level at which I am buying and for the other cycles I have, I expected marginal and incremental differences in the performance of the cycle, perhaps a slightly different riding experience.

What I got is a riding experience on a whole different level, new terrain, new territory from a performance and enjoyment perspective. It's so utterly comfortable and absorbs road and surface irregularity wonderfully. But it's quick and accelerates super fast. It might have an "aero profie", but this is a great climbing machine too. It's hard for me to isolate what in particular is producing the extraordinary riding performance.

When you couple some of the best wheels on the market with this sort of frame - well, it's impressive. And way beyond the marginal differences I was expecting. So my disappointment is that now riding the other machines will be a come down, and they are no longer exceptional, perhaps only superior. And the Epoca is indeed exceptional. It's THE remarkable machine in a collection of very good cycles.

Thanks again for the wonderful attention to detail in packaging the cycle for shipment. Packaging and crating were wonderfully done. Oh, and the saddle - this is the most comfortable saddle I have ever been on, and that was unexpected because it's relatively narrow and super light. But I love the ability to adjust fore and aft while riding. A supremely comfortable racing machine. I suppose that is what I would way.

I felt like a pro today although I am so very far from that level of riding. Grazile mille, Ali - boun weekend. Please share this with Greg and any other potential US customers. I am delighted to share my impressions of this machine.

Bryn Olexy

Bryn's new R60 follow up

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