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Bryn's R60 Long Term Review

Bryn Olexy 15/04/2016


I did a ride today locally in Valley Forge National Park, which is really just around the corner - where the American forces wintered in 1777-1778 to survive to fight the British, so there is a lot of history there. Here is the R60 propped up one of the original soldier's huts. We had some April snow, so that made for a nice contrast, but I can never get the photos right since I am using a smart phone with limitations.

More importantly, I have, over the past couple of week, done a comprehensive test of all my cycles to try to determine the difference and likes/dislikes associated with each. Some of this information might be of value to you as you engage with your customers.

Here are the cycle/wheel combinations (all tubular):

  • Serotta Meivici (custom geometry) with Lightweights
  • Time RXR with Mad Fibers
  • Look 695 with Enves
  • Fondriest (made by Sarto) TFZero with Mavic Ultimates
  • Legend 10.5 (custom geometry) with Miches
  • Epoca R60 with Corimas

And I think I have them listed above in order of purchase/age.

I would recommend the Epoca/Corima combination above all others to any customers looking for a high performing road bike with aero and climbing characteristics.

Each frameset/wheelset combination has unique characteristics and performance. What is special, among other things, about the Epoca is that it couples areo performance and flat out speed on the flats with plenty of ability and nimbleness for climbing - it's a great climbing bike. And it dampens road vibrations very nicely, for an areo frameset. If I had to choose the one cycle that I always had to ride, it would be the Epoca. "

Bryn's R60 Long Term Review

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