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Just. So. Fast.

Ollie Rastall 08/09/2017

The R60 lives up to the hype, the 5 star reviews and glowing press. All the superlatives in the dictionary won't really do justice to what it is like to ride this bike. Having raced most of the season on my Italian hand built titanium bike, then latterly on another custom built carbon Italian road bike, I'm left wondering 'what if?' after taking delivery of my R60 last month.

The frame is stiff but somehow manages to remain very comfortable. Agility is instantly noticeable but it's the acceleration that just puts a grin on your face. Power transfer is just so obviously more efficient than anything I have ever ridden and all of a sudden, I fancy myself as sprinter when I thought I was more of a breakaway guy. My riding style has always suited itself to climbing and I love to tap away at threshold up a hill (or a mountain, if I'm lucky enough to find one).

Taking the R60 on my favourite hill rep training route was a revelation. I felt like the bike ended underneath the saddle. Like there was nothing behind me that I was dragging up the hill. Sure enough, the Strava PR list reaffirmed my expectations that I'd smashed most of them. This is a stunning bike in looks and performance.

I simply can't understand why anyone would head to a big ticket brand to spend this kind of money on a frame made in the far east when they can get this level of heritage, artisan craft, performance and beauty. I am absolutely desperate the race this machine next season and am planning to use my R60 for races of all types; from short crit races to long endurance races. I just know it won't let me down.

This is the best bike I've ever owned. I'm in love. Ti amo, R60.

Just. So. Fast.

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