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Stefan's R60

Stefan Furenbrink 15/09/2014

Dear Epoca, I’m writing you to tell you of my experience of my Epoca R60. Having been previous owner of high end performance bikes such as TIME RXR and Legend HT 9.5, I was sceptical to find anything better. I was introduced to Epoca through Ali who explained to me about the product, the history of Epoca and the what the future plans were and showed me some images.

At glance it was a beautiful bike. I instantly loved the symmetry of it and the personalised choices i could make to it. I decided to put trust in Ali and the brand. I opted for the R60 with a matt black finish paint job, subtle grey transitional decals. The cable routing on the frame is not only aero but can also accommodate electronic shifting and breaking system, something I find exciting to try in the future. I had my 11 speed Campag group set put on, Prologo Saddle with Marchisio deep rim wheels and all black handle bar and tape.

Once delivered I was astonished by the craftsman ship, its flawless. The attention to details is second to none. It looked amazing! First ride out, it certainly caught a lot of peoples attention. And mine. This was a thing of pure mechanical beauty! The stiffness not only on the bottom bracket but the front end was fantastic. Smooth, receptive and somehow felt alive. I did not expect it to be that much better than my previous bikes. (Both my Legend and my Epoca was built bespoke to my spec.) Its a sexy bike. Its almost as if you're walking down the street with the most stunning girl next to you.

And everyone is thinking, "Lucky bastard!" It puts a smile on my face. Its a looker that performs on the climbs, on the descends, on the flat, I can't fault it. Im a proud owner of a Epoca R60 and I will never go back. Thanks to Ali at Zetta and Epoca for making the process from start to finish a joy. And thanks Epoca for continuing to make handmade carbon bikes in your factory with great care and pride and not being lured to China and Taiwan like the big brands. (You know which I'm talking about)

Happy rider Stefan.

Stefan's R60

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