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Jim's R60

Jim Gouin 28/02/2016

Dear Ali, 

I wanted to pass on a few comments regarding my Epoca R60. 

First let me say, as you know, I have and do own a number of high end bikes. Including several Cervelo's, three Cipollini 's, and two Legends. Bought and sold two Dogmas. Most very nice bikes in their own right. And some not so nice. 

The R60, in my opinion, is just a better bike. It is stiff and solid (not a rattle or a noise of any kind), while getting great feed back from the road. It is very fast and very responsive.  And, unlike some of the bikes mentioned above, you can stay in the saddle for a long time without feeling beat up. I love this bike. 

Oh ya, and it looks dead sexy. 

I'd also like to mention that the custom build made a huge difference in the way this bike feels for me. I was able to provide my bike fit to the Epoca team from Canada and work with them with just a few phone calls and emails and when the bike arrived I just got on it and rode it. Not one adjustment. Not a seat movement or bar adjustment. Nothing. Perfect. 

I would recommend this bike and this process to anyone. If you want to feel like you are driving a Ferrari while enjoying the comfort of a Rolls this bike is it. 

I shouldn't say too much cause I want it to be my secret.  But if I were you I'd get building one. 

I'm already building my second one. 


Jim's R60

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