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Tristan's R60

Tristan Brewer 18/03/2016


So over three months ago i placed my order for a Epoca R60 frameset, ordering process was as you would expect from a custom frame company, very good and design pictures and colours emailed through. Geo was decided by the superb brilliant Guiseppe in his studio in Viareggio. After around 10 weeks the frameset arrived it looked amazing the shape and curves but the main colour was a little to grey compared to my order. This was no issue at all and Epoca kindly re painted the areas darker as i wanted, now they look very dark grey/black. Top job done!

After a long time it was finally built by my mechanic Year1cyles campagnolo pro shop Mr Si Bruce, (Campagnolo build) there was no rush because the uk weather was very wet. Anyway finally in beginning of March the roads dried and dry days arrived so i took to the road on the R60 for the first time. My god what a bloody rocketship this bike is, so damn fast and stable and solid feeling. No vibration or rattles just a beautiful ride! Corners so well and climbs pretty damn good aswell! Epoca have built a top top superbike here!!

I also own custom legend 11.5 and fedaia (steel winter bike) The R60 i feel is a more impressive ride for sure than the very good legend 11.5, both are beautiful rides but i feel that the R60 wins as the better all round bike! Epoca and Zetta are great guys to deal with and i will sure be back for more.

Saluti Tristan

Tristan's R60

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